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Infor M3 (c) is a known worldwide ERP solution. Click here to find out more.

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M3 Customization

Technical areas

Infor Document Management

IDM Tool

Streamserve (MOS)

Document layout

International Experience in Several Industry types 

In the past 20 years, our consultants have been involved in several Infor M3 implementation projects, worldwide, integrating multidisciplinary teams. They have accumulated knowledge among several types of different industries. 

Infor M3 Key Services

Know all functional areas in which we have expertise:

Sales Management

SLS Module

Product Engineering

PDM Module


MAN Module


PUR Module

Product Costing         

PCO Module


WHM Module

Supply Chain Planning

SCP Module

Supply Chain Execution

SCE Module

After Sales Services

SRV Module


PJM Module

Multiple Unit Coordination

MUC Module

System Foundations

MSF Module

Full Life Cycle Support

Our services can cover all the stages in your Infor M3 implementation: 
from initial assessment to scoping, from business process design to configuration, from customization of M3 features fitting your needs to post "go-live" support, from system integration to version upgrade!
We can be a part of your internal team, working closely with you, or act independently, helping to get the most out of your investment.


Infor M3 Customization

If you need to add new features to your M3 and extend it's funcionalities, our consultants have the necessary expertise, knowledge and recognized worldwide experience to help you get the full potential of your E.R.P. implementation


in M.A.K / Java


for Smart-Office


for Smart-Office

Task automation

for Smart-Office


Infor WS Studio


in M.A.K. / Java

S.Q.L. & O.D.B.C.

Query Design

Data E.T.L.           

Data Services

MS Excel

XLS integration

MS Access

MDB integration




Mobile M3

Innovative Technology

We are experts in the latest Infor technologies, together with a vast knowledge of several common IT Tools, using the best practices to create innovative solutions in your M3 project.
We have a recognized experience and successful results in optimizing the performance of our customers' M3 implementations.
Our technical consultants can combine several M3 technologies (like 'mashups', 'jscript' functions, 'mforms automation', 'Smart-Office SDK development', 'Android development' and 'M.A.K. / Java' development) to create a unique user experience in Infor M3. 


Infor Document Management

If you want your business documents, like Purchase Orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes, Engineering Documents, etc. connected to the main functional areas of your E.R.P. and naturaly integrated, so you can easily access them, we can help you with installation and configuration of Infor Document Management tool, leaning to a paper-free business and a more sustainable company

IDM Server

Installation on Grid

IDM Client

Configuration in M3

Custom IDM Tools

Systems integration

Digital Integration

We can help transform your traditional business into a digital one, with fluid processes and information at the 'tip of your finger'. 
Less paper (or no-paper at all) means obtaining crucial business data faster and also a more ecological and sustainable company, prepared for the future.
And the future is NOW!


Infor M3 Output Server (Streamserve)

If you need excellent looking documents for your business, fully integrated with your M3 solution, our MOS/Streamserve consultants can help you, quickly and effectively.
Also, we can help you automate your IDM solution through MOS Output, which will allow your organization to achieve full control in Document Management.

MOS Maintenance

Streamserve server

Document Design

Quick Design Templates

IDM Integration

Automated Document Input

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